Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pottery class

I was looking for a pottery class in Warwickshire for ages. And luckily I found The Ceramics Studio founded by Leyla and Bruno in Alderminster, just 10 min drive from Stratford-upon-Avon. I love the format of our lessons, because there aren't lessons at all! You come and you make. Leyla is always there to help, explain the techniques and consult on choices of underglazes and glazes. I go once a week and I can't wait until the next one!

Sleeping Bear Bowl 

It's so wonderful to be able to touch and feel your creations. In illustration and screenwriting I've become used to waiting for ages before seeing the final product. But here there's something ready to go home with me every thursday. It's like a gift from myself each time!

My sketches 
Yellow Bird Pencil Holder work in progress
Yellow Bird Pencil Holder finished

I always start my ideas in my pottery sketchbook. I love bright colours, wings, ears, cute faces. Also I have a board on my Pinterest for all the pottery wonders I find online. I try to experiment and have fun. At the moment I prefer building my pieces by hand and sometimes I use moulds. I tried throwing, but it didn't come naturally. I might try and get into it later in the year. I love underglazes, they have such bright colours! Also I recently used underglaze pencil and I really like the effect.

I used underglaze pencil on this bowl + underglaze paint

It's fun to experiment with glazes as well. The blue bear bowl turned out very nicely. The orange one ended up quite different from what I was initially planning to do. But actually it looks quite original and unique. A couple from Switzerland purchased it this week.

Blue Bear Bowl
Orange Bear Bowl 

I'm obsessed with the idea to create a perfect little bowl for my 8-month old daughter. And I'm very pleased with the Spotty Bear Bowl decorated with mint and matt white glazes.

Spotty Bear Bowl 

In summer I'm going to participate in the Warwickshire Open Studios project together with The Ceramics Studio. Leyla and I are preparing a special collection of ceramics for it.  It will be cute, charming and irresistible! It will be exhibited in The Ceramics Studio for two weeks alongside my original artwork and stationery. You can pop in anytime from 27th June until 12th July 2015 and take home a lovely piece of art! 

Tiny bowl for teabags
Happy Berry inspired by Jelly Jumble app

Meanwhile I'm taking private commissions. You can email me if you're interested in my ceramics. Also you can get any of the pieces above. Just let me know via email -

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