Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What makes a good notebook?

I love stationery! Especially notebooks and sketchbooks. I have many in my art materials drawer. It boosts my inspiration to have a lovely notebook with me to write my ideas in and to doodle something. It's why the first listing in my etsy shop PigeonPigeonPigeon is a set of A5 notebooks with lovely paper! 

Set of 3 A5 notebooks/sketchbooks 

They are white inside, so you can fill them with your sketches, ideas, lists, dreams, notes! I use mine for sketching mostly. I try to come back to the habit of sketching everywhere I go. It's a bit more challenging when you have a baby with you! But she falls asleep quite well in public places. Having a light sketchbook with lovely paper inside all the time with me - it's essential. Lots of my ideas, illustrations are born as very rough doodles in my sketchbook.

This tiny fox will become a calendar picture for January 2015,
I'll share the printable image very soon!

Also i like the paper inside the sketchbook to be thin, but thick enough to handle different media. I use ink pen quite often, but also watercolour pencils, indian ink, watercolours and gouache.

Testing watercolours and pencils

Indian ink + watercolor

What about the cover? I created 5 different designs with different moods. 3 happy playful ones, one melancholic and one tender. I thought it's the best way to encourage creativity. I like to use the one with the Forest girl for ideas and little diary entries. The Dancing Mice one is great for writing down plans and dreams. The veggies one is full of menus. In our family we like to plan all the meals in advance. Also we decided we'll cook a new recipe once a week to expand our cooking repertoire. 

Dancing Veggies

My personal favourite - Forest Girl 


So far the most popular - Dancing Mice

Special winter edition - Winter Friends
The last but not the least - my range is made using high quality recycled paper. It's very important for me to be eco-friendly. All the packaging I'm using to ship my orders is biodegradable. It took some research to find cute and simple solutions, but it's worth it.

I'm planning to expand the range of products in my shop. In the 2015 there will be prints, more cards, tea towels and original artwork!

Thank you for reading the whole text! Here is a secret discount code for my shop - HAPPY30. Enter it at the check-out to get 30% discount! It's valid for the whole January 2015.

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