Monday, 17 November 2014

Jelly Jumble app: behind the scene

I always wanted to create an app. Last year at Children Media Conference in Sheffield I met a producer of Storytoys - Emmet O'Neill. I emailed him an idea that I had for a while. He liked it and a year later the wonderful story-game app 'Jelly Jumble' is on Appstore!

It's Soren - a big, blue, cuddly Monster
that likes to make magical jams and jelly!

The idea for the story came to me a couple of years ago. When I was a child I was sent to Siberia for my summer holidays. The first time I didn't like the idea to go there for the whole summer at all! But after spending a week there I made some friends and got to know woods around that little village. And until today I get inspired by the stories I heard there and creatures I imagined inhabiting the area.

Meet Oliver - a very curious and noisy boy!

The story is about Oliver who is send to his aunt Pru for his holiday, luckily he meets Soren - a big, blue, cuddly Monster that likes to make magical jams and jelly.

Some rough sketches of Soren

The story contains 14 chapters and inbetween you're invited to play a matching game helping Oliver to go from chapter to chapter! 

The map of the enchanted woods

It was a challenging project to work on. I had a bit of experience of working on apps beforehand, but not on such a scale. First of all I asked Myles McLeod to help me with the story. He did a wonderful work on it. As soon as the story was ready, I storyboarded the story screens and we started to work on the game mechanics. We worked with amazing Tadhg Kelly, who helped us to make a choice on game type and shape it.

Piece of the storyboard on the later stage when the backgrounds
and games were in the progress

My job was to create all the visuals, write the briefs, supervise the process and test the results! The animation was done by lovely Giant studio. The voices - by Myles and his nephew Louis McLeod. Storytoys acted as distributors of the app.

Piece of the animation brief

I'm very happy with the result. It's the best feeling ever seeing your project to come together and characters to come to life. And I love the song page in it! Jam-jam-jam! Jam-jam-jam-JAM! 

Sketches for the game

If you are fancy to join Oliver and Soren on their little adventure download it in Appstore HERE. The app is available in French, German and Spanish. Here is the trailer for the app, enjoy!

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