Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vinyl wall stickers, yay!

One of my followers on Instagram happens to be Aida, artist hunter for She asked me to send them some of my illustrations to make vinyl wall stickers. And I did! I always wondered how my artwork would look on walls. And apparently it looks wonderful.

Green Monster Vinyl Wall Sticker available here

I submitted these artwork (picture below) and they're already online, ready to go on your walls: Magic or Birthday Cat, Corgis, Dancing Veggies, Tea Foxes. Good news - you can stick and remove them as many times as you want to.

Here are the designs that became wall stickers

I just ordered Corgis, Dancing Veggies and the Cat Magician for myself. I can't wait to stick them on the wall. Feel free to share yours, if you'll get any!

Corgis Vinyl Wall Sticker available here 
Foxes Vinyl Wall Sticker available here
Dancing Veggies Vinyl Wall Sticker available here
I'm planning to add more designs to the wall stickers range very soon. Any suggestions? Let me know if there are any of my drawings you like most!


  1. Oh my lord!!! Your wall decals are soooo cute!

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