Monday, 28 October 2013

100 % cute foxes

Today I'm working on the design for the Christmas range of products for Shopnoless. Meanwhile I would love to share with you something I did for them last spring! Here is the final design - the brief was to create something representing London.

The Tote Bag with London Guard Fox is available HERE

Because there are so many foxes in London, I decided I'd like to draw a fox. Here is the initial sketch. Sometimes it takes ages to get something right, sometimes it takes 5 minutes. This one came in a flash of inspiration. 

London Guard Fox (watercolour + ink)

And then the final design was created in Photoshop. Afterwards it was printed on the pillows and on the tote bags! Cute, aren't they? I will share the Christmas artwork with you, as soon as it's printed. 

The Pillow with the London Guard Fox is available HERE
Afterwards I drew more foxes, which you can see on my instagram and tumblr. And more are coming! 

Fox Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare Fox