Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Our countryhouse was full of big spiders with long long legs. They frightened me a lot, these silent visitors from the basement. Once i was sitting in the living room, reading the last chapter of Anna Karenina for the school, when i felt somebody is watching me. I looked around and didn't see anyone, but as soon as i opened the book again, i felt somebody tap me on the shoulder.

Slowly I turned my head and i saw a goofy looking spider with long long legs. He was holding an envelope, the smallest envelope i've ever seen in my life (not that i've seen many, people prefer e-mails these days). I hesitated, you don't have spiders deliver the post to you every day, don't you? I took it carefully from his tiny paw. Then the spider bowed and ran away very quickly, I hardly could see where exactly did he disappear. 

I examined the envelope and tried to open it very carefully. Inside i found a folded letter (what a surprise, you think! What else did she expected to find there?). I unfolded it, unfolded and unfolded. It turned out to be a very big letter.
"Let's be friends" was written there just in the middle with very tiny beautiful letters. "Friends?" I looked around, I was definitely alone in the room. It was just me, Anna Karenina book and the clock. I glanced out of the window and then i noticed someone. A shiver went up and down my spine. There was a lonely figure staying just in front of the forest. It had long long hair and the horns. It reminded me the Woodspirit from the fairytale my grandmother used to tell me. The figure waved and after a moment it was gone.