Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The daughter of the Woodland Spirit

When i was a child, i've spent most my summer holidays in a very little village in Siberia. I was fascinated by siberian myths and fairytales. One was about the Woodland Spirit, the little old man always ready to play a joke on humans. But i would like to tell you about his daughter.

The daughter of the Woodland Spirit, ink

I've seen her once. Our little village was surrounded by woods and we went there every saturday to pick berries with my grandmother. Often we went quite deep inside the forest in search of blueberries and mushrooms. I liked sitting in the bushes, picking berries, watching trees and listening to the murmur of the forest. It's how i've noticed the little figure between two pines. She's had long long hair, little dark horns (you know, like deer horns), a little dark pointy nose and a long green dress. She smiled and pointed at the top of the huge pine between us. I looked there and saw an enormous black bird. The bird looked at me and took off. Then i noticed it dropped something, just next to me. It was a little crinkly tree branch. I picked it. Then i looked back at the girl, but she was gone. I put the branch in my pocket.
On my way back, i felt, that somebody is looking at me. But each time i've turned my head to find out who it was, i couldn't see anything but lots of trees and bushes. Only once i've caught sight of something dark behind the pines, the same size of the girl, the same horns, the same pointy nose, but entirely covered with hairs.
I've never seen her again, but i kept the little tree branch. Now it's lying in the drawer of my table. I hope to meet the little daughter of the Woodland Spirit again.

From my sketchbook


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    1. It's good =) More little stories will come soon =)

  2. Lovely story and illustrations! I love the birds she turns into still have her little horns :) I look forward to more stories too!

    1. Thank you! Great, now i have one more reason to put them online soon!!!